Friday, March 12, 2010

Great Inexpensive Black Heels

Found these today & fell in love with the syle and the price tag.

'Victory' heel by Rampage
I am obsessed with almond toe pumps. They give you the style & look of a stiletto without being too harsh - perfect for suits, skirts & dresses!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nightly Life Savers

Though sometimes its tempting to skip my nightly routine and head straight for the warm comfort of my sheets, I know that I will pay for it later. Here are my tips for using the hour before bedtime to pull yourself together so you are ready to wake up and take on the day.

1. Wash your face as soon as you can. 
Don't wait until you right before you go to bed to take care of this very important step. Not only are you more likely to skip it all together if you wait until bedtime, but if you wash your face early, it helps put your body in the mindset that you are going to be getting into bed soon, thus preparing your body to relax earlier in the evening so you can fall asleep easier once the time comes.

2. Clear your mind.
Sometimes I am so worried about things I have to do the next day I can't fall asleep. So years ago, I have gotten into the habit of keeping a post it pad on my nightstand. If I am laying there thinking about things & can't get to sleep, I write them down on the post it. Knowing that I won't forget it tomorrow & that I can continue that thought process later helps me clear my head to catch some zzzs.

3.  Lay out your clothes.
Yes, remember when you were in grade school & your mom had you lay out your outfit for school the night before? There was good reason for that, it is a life saver. You'll save time in the morning plus you will keep yourself from grabbing the wrong shoes, necklace, blouse in a hurry that you regret wearing for the rest of the day.

4. Reflect & Re-motivate
You worked hard all day, so reflect on it before you go to bed and motivate yourself. Name things that make you proud of the work you did that day. Congratulate yourself & reflect on how you can improve each and every day.

5. Keep the agenda/computer/blackberry at bay.
There is a time and a place for checking your e-mail, before bed is not one of them. Grab a book, spend time with your loved ones, watch your favorite tv show...just unplug from work & do something you enjoy. You've earned it after all!

Polka Dots at work

Yes, you can pull them off without looking like you should still be in pigtails. The key to this is keeping the polka dots a) proportional and b) kept in a simple color palate. Polka dots are a trend this spring, so its tempting to add them to your work wardrobe, but be sure to do so with only 1 or 2 pieces.

Modern Dot Pencil Skirt available at Ann Taylor Loft

Axcess available at Kohls

Keep the proportions in check by making sure that the dots aren't too big or small for the piece of clothing. In skirts they should be medium size from about 1"-2" in diameter. Don't go any smaller or bigger. In shirts, the polka dots should be small and shouldn't exceed 1".

Secondly, keep the color palate simple. Stay with neutrals such as navy blue, tan, or grey. I am always a fan of doing black and white & accenting with red accessories.

How To Never Look Fat Again

This book as been promoted everywhere, from Oprah to the Today Show, and for good reason. It outlines the basic steps to keeping yourself from adding on the pounds just because of your clothing choices.

Many women don't realize it but something as simple as what kind of sleeve your shirt has can make change your appearance 10-15 lbs. Knowing what works for you and sticking to it will keep you from ever looking at a picture of yourself & thinking "why did I buy that outfit?!"

I will do my best to suggest clothes based on body shape, but this book gives the basic fundamentals that are important to have on hand whenever you are shopping whether it be for casual weekend clothes, work clothing, or a dress for a big night out.
Definitely an investment piece.

1 Woman, 1 Mission, 1 Million Ideas

If you are anything like me, you often find yourself getting dressed for work in the morning wondering if the outfit you really want to wear is a faux pas.

Are those shoes too girly? Are peep toes okay? Do I have to wear pantyhose? Does this suit fit me correctly? Can I go sleevless?

Being a working professional woman, it can be difficult to balance personal style with standard professionalism. You want to dress to be taken seriously, but also want to send the message that you have great taste & know how to take care of yourself & business.

There are a lot of wonderful shoes, clothes & accessories to help you do the job & I am here to share tips on how to put unexpected outfits together as well as how to dress for every occasion.

Please share any tips or ask any questions! I would love to share readers information as well!
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Thanks for Reading!

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